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Welcome to Select Alloys & Materials Ltd

Select Alloys & Materials specialise in the purchasing, processing and sale of predominantly Nickel and Cobalt based alloys for re-melting purposes into the Superalloy industry. In addition to this, a subdivision of Select Alloys & Materials "Select Alloys Services" specialise in the supply of pure materials such as Nickel, Cobalt, Chrome, Moly, Tantalum, Hafnium, Niobium, Tungsten, Titanium, Rhenium, Vanadium etc.


Select Alloy products are to be found across a wide range of applications as diverse as land based turbine components, hot end turbo charger wheels, medical implants, special components requiring superalloy performance and many more. Select Alloys are able to maintain their position as a leading material supplier by working closely with customers and maintaining technical advantage while, continuing to support the industry with excellent all round service. With this in mind, we are currently working towards the ISO-14001 environmental management approval. Our success is based on taking pride in the quality and accuracy of the materials we process and supply, using argon and x-ray equipment to ensure uniformity and analytical accuracy.

Select Alloys & Materials Ltd has a wide range of customers who regularly purchase air and vacuum melted scraps in iron, cobalt and nickel based alloys. In addition to supplying the UK’s domestic casting industry, Select alloys products are exported worldwide to Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, the Middle East, Far East and the USA.

Vacuum cast and wrought products:
Inconel – IN718 , IN713, IN625, IN939, IN792M5A, PWA1483, C263, IN738
Mar M Alloys – Marm246, Marm247, Marm509,
Rene Alloys – R41, R77, R80, R125, R142, ect
Hastelloy – Hast X, Hast C-276
Rhenium Bearing alloys – PWA 1484, PWA 1426, CMSX 4, CMSX 10, CM186, Rene N5, Rene 142
Tantalum Scrap - CP Ta, 97/3 Ta/W, secondary refinery
Stellite Scrap – HS 6, HS-25, HS-188, HS31, FSX414, CoCr (F75)
Titanium Scrap – Ferro grade, 6-4 Feed stock, turnings and solids
Zirconium Scrap – Zr702,

We also purchase refinery contained materials. In the form of solids with attachments, contaminated turnings, powders or grindings, misruns and furnace breakouts. We purchase and sell Nickel Refinery, Cobalt refinery, Tantalum Refinery, Rhenium Refinery, Tungsten Refinery.


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